About Barbara Coluzzi


Sirio is the name of a star (in fact a double star) which cult dates back to ancient Egyptians and that is found also in the Dogon religion, therefore it should be a good luck charm.

I am a 47 year old Italian woman who has a passion for travel and photography from her childhood. In fact, I am the doughter of a couple of biologists (my father in partic
ular was a quite well known parasitoligist specialized in the study of mosquitoes and malaria) so that I had the occasion to travel a bit around the world during my youth. In the last years, I had more time to dedicate to take pictures and here I am displaying the results. Some of the recent photos are made by a friend of mine, Mattia (it is written in the copyright).

Mainly, these are "urban" more or less artistic photos taken in Paris and in Rome, but there will be also some recent "travel" photos taken around in Italy and, perhaps, in the future, some of my best diapos taken around in the world.

Actually, I am using a Canon EOS 5D and all of the pictures are high resolution ones, the RAW file being also available on demand, which have been taken in "manual" mode. NEW: in fact, I am now displaying only the results obtained by slyghtly playing with the RAW files (in detail, by removing the powder, by improving the light and sometimes the contrast, the surbrillance and the colors' saturation - there are a few photo in *monochrome*, too), though the original RAW files are anyway available upon request. The diapos that will perhaps start to appear in the next future have been instead taken with a good old manual Nikon.

I hope that you'll find interesting the site, despite of it being a bit "miscellaneous" and perhaps a bit "old-style".

Thank you!